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Empowering Women to Transform Their Lives by Overcoming Adversity!

Angelia Williams Graves Speaks

Empowering Transformation & Inspiring Change!

Angelia Williams Graves

Adversity is inevitable, whether it stems from the challenges of life or the consequences of our own decisions. The way we confront adversity determines our success or failure. Angelia equips you with the tools to conquer adversity, take charge of your life, and achieve success. If you want to inspire and empower your event attendees, Angelia is the perfect speaker for you. She shares her personal journey of overcoming financial mistakes, professional challenges, and the loss of both parents, offering practical solutions to help you take control and transform your life. Remember, life doesn't control you; you (and God) control your life!

About Angelia
(pronounced Angela)

Angelia Williams Graves is a native of Norfolk, Virginia and has devoted her life  to helping others.  She is a successful Real Estate Broker/Owner (licensed in VA) and a member of the Senate of Virginia, representing the 21st Senatorial District.​ 

Prior to being elected to the Virginia Senate, Angelia served three years in the Virginia House of Delegates and 10 years on the Norfolk City Council.  She holds an Associates Degree from Tidewater Community College, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University.  She has completed the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and the Alpha College of Real Estate.

Angelia firmly believes that one of her gifts lies in using her life experiences not just to encourage and motivate, but to inspire others to transform their lives and walk in their destiny.  Her personal motto is "To love, lead and inspire, with integrity and authenticity, to the glory of God!"

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